Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Kyle Bay

Kyle Bay is a small suburb on the northern shore of the Georges River. This view of the bay and the river beyond it is from Merriman Reserve. Many of the homes situated on the bay have their own private jetty for boats.


Petrus said...

Love your main header photo - I looks very tranquil ..

Steffe said...

Not a bad place to live. With your own boat and private jetty.

Elaine coolowl said...

From '42 to '54 I lived at Kyle Bay. There was a swimming pool in the river but I cannot remember the name of the street entrance, it was in a park though with a little corner store/kiosk run by a Scottish woman married to a Welsh man. Accents to match! We lived at 54 Riverview Avenue, dad grew everything with roots which produced fruit, a big productive vege and fruit garden. Nostalgia by photographs is best, I've found much to my disappointment at places I've loved which turned into places I do not recognise! I love your photos and the softness of the colours. Just beautiful and thank you for such wonderful nostalgia :-)